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avengers press tour is a nightmare hellscape and i hope these guys have buckled up in preparation for more from this bullshit patrol in 2k15.

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"…The world isn’t divided into the special and the ordinary. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. As long as you have a soul and free will, you can be anything, choose anything.”

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But what if Season 3 starts One Year Later



and the first scene we get is Helena’s body being dissected by military scientist. And then if this punch to the heart wasn’t enough it’s quickly followed by Sarah and Delphine standing above Cosima’s grave and swapping tearful stories. And the entire season is just one horrible back and forth between the tragic present and glimpses of the last year where we get to see the slow painful deaths of Helena and Cosima.



girls don’t want boys. girls want well written female characters and a black widow movie

A key moment called for Henstridge to knock De Caestecker unconscious with a fire extinguisher, an act she rehearsed repeatedly…Despite the practice and the extinguisher’s soft, rubber material, Henstridge was convinced she would hurt De Caestecker. Throughout the day she practiced bumping people on the back of the head…to make certain she could sell the gag without hurting her victim. When it came time to shoot, Henstridge still was hesitant to hit De Caestecker with the necessary force. After much coaxing, she took a good swing and sent him crumpling to the ground in pain. It was a brilliant moment of acting. Ever the prankster, De Caestecker enlisted the help of the on-set makeup team to creative a massive bruise on the back of his neck and feigned injury for most of the next day. A distraught Henstridge fell for the ruse completely.

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Rosetta Stone

My heart broke into tiny pieces when I read the Rosetta Stone tweet.